An Experiment

Evil little church

I was out riding my bike, looking for things to photograph and I found a new construction area where they were building a sprawling new allotment. I rode back into the dirt roads because I remember seeing an old house up on the hill years earlier and I wondered what happened to it. It wasn’t long before I could see that it was still there but it was completely burnt and gutted. It was basically a shell of a previously ornate and probably very nice mansion. The property was fairly large and had clearly been sold to a developer. After a little wandering around I noticed a few small buildings around the back and one of them was this little church. It was also gutted and looking fairly neglected. What was spooky is that people had defaced the little chapel with satanistic markings and drawings. I was immediately spooked but found some time to snap some picts before getting out of there.

By Chris Auman All Rights Reserved.

November 14th, 2008 at 2:47 pm

Posted in B&W photography